April 29, 2014

Walking barefoot along the grayish-white sand of the beach, the waves of the blue sea cascading on the shore. The scent of fresh air...what better way to spend the weekend!

My son,Carl, wanted to celebrate his 29th birthday in the best place ever, where the family can enjoy, relax and have fun! So, on April 25, Friday, we set forth to Lindamar by The Sea at Bo. Sta. Rita, Bgy. Bangantalinga, Iba, Zambales. It was a 3-hour road trip from Clark, Pampanga.


Going to Lindamar by the Sea Beach resort, we took the NLEX-SCTEX route. We brought along sandwiches, chips, cooler filled with ice and drinks. Just in case we get hungry along the way.

Finally...the scenic beach!!!

Let me take you to a guided tour around the resort. 
The Bar and Dining Place. You may order in advance and have them cook your desired menu.  There is also a Sari-Sari Store (bottom-right picture).

The Stage. Local bands perform here every Saturday night. (too bad we were not able to catch them, as we stayed overnight Friday to Saturday afternoon). At the time of our departure, the staff were busy preparing the place for the PAYNAUEN FESTIVAL on Sunday. Several bands were set to perform on that stage. 

                           Sprawling garden with tables and chairs where you can opt to dine. 

or, you may want to dine at the Kawayan tables and chairs. Cool!

There are a lot of other things you can do while there, aside from Swimming, Snorkeling, Skimboarding, Inter-Island hopping. 

You can play Volleyball with the family or friends.


Sing to your heart's desire at the Videoke Room 

Henna Tattoo

There was a sudden downpour and we thought our plans on having a bonfire will not push through. Good thing, the rains stopped and we were able to have a BONFIRE, roast hot dogs and marshmallows, drink some beer, and dance with the kids.

The following morning, it was jelly-fish hunting! For the adults only. The kids, Kyla, Karylle and Keandra were scared to touch them. Good thing! (An unexpected adventure. They were not the itchy, deadly ones though. They were released again back to the sea afterwards.)

FRESH CATCH! Woke up very early and found fishermen on the shore with freshly-caught seafood at the best price ever! You just need to haggle a bit "wink! " Cooked  Spicy Adobong Pusit (see my blog) and Stuffed Pusit out of them. 

We also had Roasted pork (Inihaw na Baboy),hotdogs, Pork and Chicken adobo with hard boiled eggs, Chopped Salted Eggs (Itlog na Maalat) with tomatoes, and Paella. 

Oh, BEACH LIFE!!! Swim and eat, and swim and eat and relaxxxxxxxx!!!

This is where we lodged. Airconditioned, with cable and TV, own bathroom.

Here's the pricelist of the rooms there :)

There's a saying, "Some good things never last...!" Much as we want to stay there for a longer time, it's back to reality time again! No worries, though! We will surely go back again. We loved it there! 

I had the chance to meet the owners, Luzaida Linda-Marazzato and Christian Marazzato. That's where the name Lindamar came from. Aida is a Filipina and Christian is French. The couple were very nice.

(This blog is not sponsored by Lindamar by the Sea. My own insights on this wonderful getaway.)

Oh, when you go there, bring your wide-brimmed hat with you,ok? Just like mine :)

Just remember, don't stay too long under the sun. Apply sunblock with the right SPF. Don't stray too far. If you're with little kids, make sure someone is always keeping watch over them. Make sure you know how to swim! Lol! Keep your valuables under lock and key.  Take safety precautions.

Until next time! Thanks for dropping by, not only in my kitchen, but beyond, as well! Follow me for more adventures, in the kitchen and beyond! <3 -jewel

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